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"...the best predator hunting show on T.V."

"I just ordered the Outdoor Channel just to watch this show."

"Great footage. Both hosts were very entertaining and I can't wait to see future shows."

"I really like that they took the time to show livestock damage that predator hunting is used to combat."

"Guys up here get together like it was a Super bowl every time a new episode comes out. Great show."

"I just watched the 1st program. Kick @$$ footage! Can't wait for the rest!"

"BY FAR the best predator show on the networks. It was down to earth, gave insight and was entertaining. Loved it!"

"I LOVE THIS NEW SHOW! Thank you for making your show feel like a hunting show and not a 30 minute commercial."

" can make a thousand episodes and you'll never top the one in PA. Every emotion I experienced while visiting up there was enhanced many times over while watching this episode. Top shelf all the way."

"I like that they actually showed misses along with some great shots as everyone that hunts predators can relate to."

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